10 mistakes first time cruisers tend to make

Cruising is fun way to vacation but if you’re not careful these little mistakes can ruin your whole vacation. I’ve been on a few cruises now and these are some of the mistake I have learned from.

1. Not purchasing travel insurance
Opting out of buying the travel insurance can end up costing you in the long run. Not only is it nice to have just for peace of mind but it sure does come in handy. Depending what insurance you decide to purchase you are covered from missing a flight to needing medical attention. You can even cancel a trip and get a portion of your money back. Most people are turned off from buying the insurance because of the price it is per person. Luckily there are websites like insuremytrip.com that lets you pick from a variety providers and exactly what coverage you are looking for.

2. Overpacking
You don’t want the be that person with 6 luggage bags all for just you. Depending on the length of cruise you should pack and whole suitcase, then take half of the clothes out. Boom just like that you’re set. And remember the rooms are only so big and it would be difficult trying keep 6 luggage bags out of the way. It’s totally fine to mix and match outfits rewearing a piece of clothing. And if worse comes to worse ships come with a laundry room if you need to wash something.

3. Not setting a watch to ship time
This is a big one! Ship time never changes, but port times do. And if for some reason the ship time does change your captin will let you know ahead of time. Most phones time will automatically set to the time zone you are in unless you have that function turned off. Therefore wearing a watch that is set to ship time is your best bet. It would be tragic if guest had to be back on the ship at 6pm ship time and your phone has automatically changed time zones and you are now a hour behind. So as you’re strolling your way down the port to the ship and notice hey where’s the big boat? It’s gone!

4. Not wearing sunscreen
I feel like this is kind of commen sense but hey, you still see people out burning their poor skin. You are out in the middle of the ocean where UV rays can be worse. Please please ger you some good sunscreen and apply, and reapply as needed. Sunburn on your vacation is no fun and not to mention could lead to skin cancer.

5. Buying an alcoholic drink package
Okay so this one is a toss up for some people. It made my list for the simple fact that yes I like to dink, but I don’t drink a lot. Drink packages are expensive in my opinion. Carnival Cruise CHEERS! package is 49.95 per person, per day plus a 15% gratuity. You have to 21+ to purchase CHEERS! One of the things I don’t like about it is that if you are sharing a room with 3 people, all of you have to purchase it. Weird I know. There is a 15 drink limit per 24 hours and a 5 minute wait time in between ordering drinks. Only one drink can be ordered at a time and sharing isn’t permitted. Now you can buy a round of drinks but only one will count toward the CHEERS! Program and the rest will charged to your account. But for me the amount of drinks I drink in a day doesn’t equal out to how much I spent on the package. For me it was cheaper to just charge my drinks. And the whole of one person in the room buys it you all have to, yah no thanks.

6. Not exploring the ship
Cruise ships have tons of entertainment, food choices, and things to do. I have cruised on the same ship 3 times and each time I found something I didnt know was there. Don’t try to do it all in one day, but plan your day out or don’t and just roam! There are so many cool things to find the list would be endless!

7. Using your cell phone like you’re home
You’re on vacation for goodness sake! PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Those roaming charges will come back to bite you if you’re not careful.

8. Not going to the muster drill
It may not be the highlight of your trip but it is VERY important to not only attend, but to pay attention to the muster drill. You will get information on what to do if they’re is an emergency and how to correctly put a life vest on. Better to be safe than sorry.

9. Letting your budget get out of control
I made this mistake and boy did my bank account suffer. If you have a budget try to stay within it. From buying drinks to going the casino to buying things out of the shops, it all adds up and it adds up fast! So just be mindful of what you are buying if you have a budget. You don’t want to come home to a negative bank account.

10. Not enjoying every minute
Don’t let the guy talking to loud at the pool or the lady they may have had few too many ruin your vacation. If need be just move somewhere else or let a worker know. The important thing to remember is you paid for the trip and it’s up to you if you let things get in your way of having fun!


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