When do you cruise?

I have been on 2 cruises. My 3rd will be in 9 days (WHOOP WHOOP). Now my first cruise was during spring break of 2015. My second one was the end of September 2015 and my upcoming cruise will be the beginning of September this year.

We definitely prefer crusing durning this time of the year. It’s still hot, but not burning. Prices are very reasonably. The only bad thing is there’s always a lot of rain in the Caribbean and its hurricane season. But a little rain never hurt anyone right… 

Our cruise durning spring break was fun. Definitely met a lot of party goers. Along with those party goers were younger kids out of school for break. I have nothing against kids, for goodness sake I’ve worked with them since 2012. I love kids! But having so many run around the ship not being mindful of others, ya know “just being kids” was kind of annoying to be honest. 

That is why we like cruising in September, kids are back in school and I can actually relax without being pushed by running kids or having my drink knocked over!! Our next plan is maybe a December cruise. My birthday is 2 days after Christmas and I’d love to do a cruise out of Seattle for my birthday!! Fingers crossed 😊

What’s you guys favorite months to cruise and why? Or do you just not care cause hey, you’re on a cruise and that’s all that matters right πŸ˜‰


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